Welcome to Youtensil's online store! Our team is proud to announce that we're now open for business, and we look forward to serving you. Our collection of door opening & button pushing tools will help you navigate through everyday life with minimal touching of contaminated surfaces.  If you have any questions about the products found within, please don't hesitate to contact us any time. 

We currently offer 4 high quality no-touch tools in the following finishes; round rose gold finish, round silver finish, round black finish and square black finish.

To further decrease the spread of bacteria, we also have available, retractable carabiners, that can be easily attached to your no-touch tool. The purpose of this carabiner is to decrease the chances of you being contaminated by touching the tool on the contaminated surface of the no-tool. For example, if you use the no-touch tool and put it in your pocket or handbag, you may contaminate the contents inside and/or accidentally grab the tool on the contaminated area while picking it up. This is why the handy retractable carabiner can be used to greatly reduce your chances of contamination. 

The safety of you, your loved ones and everyone else starts with YOU.

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